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Paul Davie

                             * Solo Acoustic Act *
* BeatleCuse All-Stars * The Three-tles *

* "Acoustic Badfinger" w/Joey Molland *
* "Acoustic Hollies" w/Terry Sylvester *
* Tip Jar Junkies - CNY's Electric Pop Rock Trio *
*The Parlophones duo w/Chris Ames *

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May 20, 2024 - We're heading into yet another busy summer of live music in Central and UP-Upstate NY, and I'm looking forward to so many outdoor gigs in the fresh air & warm, sunny blue skies. 

Most are solo gigs, but several duo dates are on the books with Mark Westers of The Barndogs, "The Parlophones" duo with Chris Ames, and/or the Tip Jar Junkies electric pop/rock trio which can fit into any corner!  

My TIP JAR JUNKIES trio with drummer KEVIN DEAN (Heart/Josh Groban tours, Dangerous Type) and bassist MARK LEON TANNER (Born To Run tribute, Badwater) are busier than usual this year, thanks to our trusty fill-in drummer, PETE SZYMANSKI of The Barndogs.  

We have a set list of danceable
70s/80s/90s electric pop rock classics, from when the "M" in MTV stood for "MUSIC", that has gone over very well at every venue we've played.  

Click the GIGS button up top for all the places TJJ's will be rocking in 2023!  Feel free to scroll down to check out my current BandsInTown app gig schedule, and you can register your email addy for future updates!!


2022 NEWS, but still important to me:


My very first album of half covers (all with some twists & turns), and half originals was released on all streaming platforms on December 31, 2021. Frankly, I'm speechless but very proud of my first-ever recording project at the ripe age of 56!  To be nominated for a SAMMY Award with my rookie effort is humbling and positively mind blowing! 

Special guests included Joey Molland (Badfinger), Earl Slick (David Bowie/John Lennon), Burleigh Drummond (Ambrosia) and production help from Armand Petri, who produced/engineered the Goo Goo Dolls first four albums, including their first million seller, "Name". 

All done with the expert engineering help of Ron Keck at Subcat Studios in downtown Syracuse!

Reviews were quite positive and encouraging:

RUSS TARBY (2022 SAMMY Hall of Fame Inductee):

I've given Paul Davie’s first recording project and SAMMY-nominated album, Half and Half a full listen and am duly impressed!

Paul’s vocals, buttressed by the passage of anti-smoking laws,

have never sounded sweeter. "Kiss Me Softly" is a courageous opener.  Sentimental, even sensual and non-apologetically in love!

Jeff Stockham's golden-toned French horn really steals the show

on "Ruby Tuesday", featuring Earl Slick (of David Bowie band fame) on acoustic guitars, and Davie on drums. A beautiful arrangement.

As a longtime blues fanatic, I have to say that Paul’s done the ol' genre justice with "Magnetic Blue” on slide guitar. Bravo!

"The Writer and The Painter" is a bittersweet, but hopeful piano-based ballad, buoyed by Ambrosia’s Burleigh Drummond on exotic percussion instruments.


The final two tracks, "Time" and the bonus "Grow Old with Me"

both feature Davie's dynamic falsetto. ~March 26, 2022

JOHN TIERNEY:  "Paul Davie knows that it’s all about serving the song and all 11 songs featured here are served with great vision and Davie wears not only his heart, but also his influences on his sleeve.

Every one of these are expertly arranged and beautifully sung, starting right off with the sweet lead off track, the original “Kiss Me Softly” which features some truly lovely harmony vocals. 
The bonus track is a great cover of John Lennon’s “Grow Old With Me” which features none other than Badfinger’s Joey Molland on guitar. 

It takes a fair amount of confidence and courage to take six of your own compositions and mix them with a similar number of covers by such writers as Lennon, Alan Parsons, and Leonard Cohen but Davie pulls this feat off with great success."  ~Syracuse Alive, Feb 26 2022

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